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Silver Sand

This textured paint is used to obtain creative decorative effects. Surface coated with the paint glitter with pearly reflections in the light and create a three-dimensional effect of depth. Perfect visual effects are obtained both in artificial and natural light…

Decorative Concrete

A fine-grained mineral plaster for indoor use. Excellent raw concrete imitation. A perfect decoration for modern interiors, an excellent match for metal, wood or glass.

Anticco & Effecto

This is a high quality textured paste which creates coarse surface. The Anticco is perfectly suited to produce Mediterranean style interiors as well as sandstone and old walls decorative effects. The Effecto is very similar and can be used to create antique and retro style looks.

Royal Silk

High-quality paint for indoor use with a structure imitating the surface of silk fabric. Due to the presence of pearly filler material, the surface to be decorated obtains an effect of glimmering reflections…

FxPaint - your trusted partner.

FxPaint is a London based painting company with over 15 years of experience in residential/commercial painting and special decorations. Along with our high standard painting service, our full range of services include unique designs like decorative concrete, royal silk, silver sand, stucco, and crackle lacquer

We’re also official UK importer and supplier of Primacol and LuxDecor products, which we proudly use in all of our projects.

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Several key factors which drive our business to success:

  • Professional, experienced team
  • Free quotations
  • Only the best quality materials used
  • We pay attention to every detail
  • We’re factory trained to apply textured paints and plasters
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