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Decorative concrete & Concrete-look plaster

We proudly present 2 techniques which allow us to imitate concrete effect on any internal wall.

Looking for a unique finish for your walls?

Bored with the same old paints and finishes and wood? You need something radical, something that will leave the onlookers speechless with its raw beauty. Try the Concrete Effect: it is, as the name suggests, a raw concrete effect that goes so well with all kinds of interiors.

Whether you are planning a classic look for your home or office, or you are interested in the industrial rough unfinished look for your establishment, our concrete effect will complete your vision with its authentic raw concrete like finish, presenting you with a beautifully textured wall where you can unleash your creative genius.

What is Concrete Effect?



It is a specialized wall finish that gives a raw industrial, unfinished concrete look to any new or existing wall. It can be applied on all kinds of surfaces. The Concrete Effect range includes:

  • Decorative Concrete Effect
  • Concrete-look plaster

There is a difference in the way the two are applied and the effect that can be achieved with each, but the end result is the same, a stunning feature wall or a wall section that will be the centre of attention of the room. The gorgeous finish presents itself as a blank canvas that can be enhanced and embellished with paintings, artwork, and design elements to bring out the best in your decoratives.

Where can it be used?

The concrete effect can be created for any space. Whether it is a swanky living room, an eye-catching retail space, a modern kitchen, or even a high-end fine dining restaurant, this finish adds its own distinct character and flavor to any space.

Where does FxPaint come in?


To render the perfect concrete effect, you need a perfectionist and that is what we bring to the job. Our experience, expertise and desire for perfection ensures that each one of our projects is completed to the full satisfaction of our clients. Our client satisfaction record for the past 15 years speaks for itself.

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Are Samples Available?


Seeing is believing and only by touching can you know the texture. We realise that decisions cannot be made based only on pictures and words alone. Clients need to be able to see and feel what the raw concrete finish looks and feels like. Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to visit you and show you samples of the various looks and textures that can be achieved with this finish. Our representative will visit you on your door step and educate you about the wall finishes that we have to offer, and you can touch, feel and juxtapose against your walls before you choose the one that fits your requirements the most.

Give your space a unique makeover with out range of edgy, modern and unique raw concrete finishes. Contact your best painting company in London here.

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