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Concrete Paint/Sample


Microcement is a kind of cement that can be used as a wall or floor covering. It is an ideal material for both interiors and exteriors, including floors, walls, and ceilings. It also works well with many existing surfaces, such as most forms of wood, concrete screeds and tiles. Furthermore, the joints are not necessary for Microcement, so cleaning and maintenance are easy.

Decorative Concrete

A fine-grained mineral plaster for interior use. A perfect imitation of raw concrete. It is a perfect decoration of modern interiors and goes well with metal, wood, and glass. Proper application ensures an irregular pattern, pitting, and de-colouration typical for concrete. Once dried, it allows the walls to breathe.

Silver Sand

This textured paint is used to obtain creative decorative effects. Surface coated with the paint glitter with pearly reflections in the light and create a three-dimensional effect of depth. Perfect visual effects are obtained both in artificial and natural light. Silver Sand contains special texture additives which create a pattern of sand blown by wind during paint application. The product is used for indoor walls and ceilings. It is perfect for living rooms and areas, corridors as well as conference rooms, hotels and restaurants. With its original and fine texture, it will be a unique decoration of each room. The paint is available in a palette of ready colours and as a base to be dyed usingĀ Primacol Decorative colourants.

Royal Silk

A high-quality paint for indoor use with a structure imitating a surface of silk. Due to the presence of pearly filler material, the surface to be decorated obtains an effect of glimmering reflections that change with respect to the angle of light incidence. To be coloured using Primacol colourants. Once dried, it creates a durable and washable coating.

Effecto & Anticco

Our decorative render paste has a unique texture and is extremely flexible to apply on all surface shapes, and once dried, the walls are able to breathe freely.

Crackle Lacquer

This varnish creates a natural-cracking effect, also known as the crackle. It provides great application possibilities not only in terms of the obtained crackle sizes, but also due to the shape. The crackle can be applied on the entire surface or on spots of your choice.

Painting & Decorating

Our service includes painting, decorating as well as prior preparation of walls, ceilings and woodworks. We have a great experience in carrying out large and small jobs from residential flats and houses to commercial gyms, offices and schools.

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