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Synthetic Stucco & Crackle Lacquer

Less popular but equally impressive textures, which FxPaint can apply to your interiors.

Synthetic Stucco 

Primacol Decorative synthetic stucco is a product of the highest quality, intended for decorating walls and ceilings. Treating surfaces with synthetic stucco results in a “marble imitation” effect, also known as Venetian plaster. The surfaces gain high sheen and depth, they also become smooth and “cold” in touch. The product is intended for indoors use on the following surfaces: plaster, concrete, plaster-cardboard panels. The product can also be applied on other stable surfaces. Absorptive surfaces may need prior treatment with priming paint. In order to achieve depth and a long-lasting effect, it is advised to use decorative wax as the final coating.

Crackle Lacquer

 This varnish creates a natural-cracking effect, also known as the crackle. It provides great application possibilities not only in terms of the obtained crackle sizes, but also due to the shape. The crackle can be applied on the entire surface or on spots of your choice.

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